Business Success Academy

Building the Foundations in a business is critical to long term success.

At last a Business Education Program that provides the training, tools and resources, and the support you need to get your business thriving.

Are you ready to kick start your business?

The Business Success Academy was built with the Business Owner and Entrepreneur in mind.

No matter how big or small your business is, or even if you don't have a business yet, the Academy is a great start to learn and implement the foundations of a Business. 

Using our Business Exceleration Blueprint as a guide you will learn how to create a 7 figure business and what is needed to build a business that can work without you.

What's included in the Business Success Academy

The Business Success Academy starts as a 12 month guided program that is entirely online so you can access the program and it's resources at any time from our Members only Business Exceleration™ HUB.

Online Courses

There are multiple courses available in the program. Each course consists of 2 main parts...the Training and the Resources.

Online Training

The training component is approximately 2.5 hours and includes a workbook, modules with short video lessons, quizzes and reviews. (Please note that the Building Your Plans Training is over 6 days.)

Each review is assessed by your Business Excelerator™ who will provide feedback to assist you in your progress.

You will complete each training initially to get the overall learning of the topic you are working to implement in your business.

Tools and Resources

Once you complete the initial training you will have access to the support tools and resources. These include questionnaires, spreadsheets, webinars, audios, videos and general reading materials. All are downloadable and are designed to be used directly to assist you in building your business.

Monthly Group Coaching Sessions

In these monthly online sessions you can ask questions, give suggestions or chat to other like minded business owners, and be guided by our Business Exceleration team to ensure you are on track and achieving your goals.

Facebook Group

During your Membership you’ll be a member of our private Facebook ‘Online Academy Lounge Group' shared with other course participants. This provides interactive feedback with them and our team. You can ask questions, give suggestions or chat to other like minded business owners.

GPS Planning Days

Join dozens of business owners and their teams every 90 days to network, plan and learn. These days give you focus and clarity to help achieve your goals.

Ongoing Membership

You have access to all of the above for the entire 12 months initially and then beyond by extending your membership if you have not completed all the courses. You can also upgrade when you are ready to our advanced Max Business Academy.

 Are you ready to kick start your business?

What You'll Learn

You will learn all the basics of Foundation in a business to help you to build your business.

These are the 15 trainings in the Business Success Academy.

It’s amazing how many people want more time or better time management. The reality is time is the most regular thing we know. It doesn’t need management.

What needs better management is us…or our use of the time we have available.

Cash is King!!! And if you don’t know what’s happening with it in your business then you are NOT in control!

Learn how to manage your Cashflow, know your Breakeven and Cashgap, and begin to get ahead of the endless money stress!

Having written plans is a proven way to ensure success yet it's not something everyone does especially in business.

Knowing how to write a plan is the first step.

This training will guide you step by step in creating your own plan.

Our beliefs drive our thoughts which then drive our actions or what we do. And then we produce results…all in that order.

So how are you thinking right now?

Understanding how we think will help you get better control of your life, business, and make better decisions.

This powerful concept is the basis for any business. It's essential to make your business work FOR you!

Without this in place you are likely dealing in results after the event instead of predicting your results.

This is about learning to make your business work for you instead of you being in demand and the main focus!

Everything that is critical to the success of the business is reportable. That is the only way we get to assess and adjust to ensure the business is achieving the results required.

More importantly you need to know how to read and manipulate this information.

A business is like a conveyor belt in a production line.

Every part of your business is essential for the overall business to work properly.

Having a well thought and documented structure is one of the most effective ways of ensuring your business is scaleable and leveraged for results.

Sadly there are many Business Owners operating without detailed written plans. That means they are reactive to the demands of their "busyness"!

Having plans is the key to knowing what to do next and ensure you are on track to great results in an organised manner.

If you have ever been confronted by someone that had no idea how to communicate yet they were selling you a product then you know how valuable being able to communicate means.

Learn the keys to good communication and how to do it again and again in a way that ensures people buy your product.

For all the effort to getting a prospect in front of us, it’s often amazing at how the sale finally just doesn’t happen!

Converting a sale is based on simple steps. Learn these steps and how to implement a system into your business.

Why are you doing what you do if it’s not what your market wants?

This is one of the main challenges in a changing world.

Define your uniqueness – set yourself apart from your competitors so more customers want your product, and learn how to get these customers coming back, time after time.

Having a great product or service is only one part of having a great business.

The world is full of great ideas (and products) that just didn’t work. It’s not because they were bad or wrong…it was because they weren’t "sold" to the right market.

Learn how to get your product to market in a way that your buyer understands.

Having your customers do your selling for you is as good as it gets.

Do your customers keep coming back again and again? 

This is likely your best marketing strategy because they are already shopping with you, and they do your selling for you!

Every business is built of process and systems. Are yours organised or just left to chance?

There is always a "best" way. Learn the basics of building systems. 

Having everyone using the most effective method is critical. This is a key to growth and having a profitable business.

It’s amazing how many people want more time or better time management. The reality is time is the most regular thing we know. It doesn’t need management.

What needs better management is us…or our use of the time we have available.

What you will learn from the Training

The training is the initial access point to any topic. This is an online training made up of modules with lessons, quizzes and reviews for feedback. It also includes a workbook that will keep you on track.

You will learn all the basic concepts of each topic and be encouraged to understand how you can work on them and integrate them in your business.

Your Business Excelerator will be in the background ensuring you are on track and maximising your learning.

What you will learn from the Resources and Other Learning Materials...

All the resources are designed to provide you with detailed learning from the training. Some add to what you have just learnt, and others are tools that you can work through and implement to grow your business. All take the complexity and jargon out of these critical areas of business.

Importantly these tools all form part of the Foundation of your business. Some require additional levels of learning in order to integrate into your business processes.

Click here to see the detail of one of the courses as an example. You can also click on each course button above to see what you will learn in the course.

 Are you ready to kick start your business?

Who is this Business Success Academy for?

The Business Success Academy is designed for people looking to get control of their business and build it to 7 figures and beyond.

You're always looking for ways to make more money or improve your cashflow, have a better performing team, more sales or better leads, a business that works more efficiently, or just a business that works without all the stress and worry.

Mostly you want to work less and make more money from your business.

Here's what some of our Members said about the courses...

"This will be massive for my business. When I implement what I have learnt it will give me more money in my pocket."



"Reading and understanding numbers has been a weakness of mine. This training has helped my grasp definitions and concepts which I need to focus on moving forward."



"Its been really good to dissect what a great leader is and what a great team comprises of. It has made me see if from the staff's point of view that just because I know what I want to achieve, doesn't mean they know how to achieve it or even what it is! An entrepreneur / business owner has a million ideas of what they want to do and their team is waiting for their leader to share what the task is and how they are going to do it. Sounds basic but I needed the reminder that not everyone thinks like me and other people may have even better ideas!

It's really exciting that if I just take the time to communicate with my team and let them know what we need to achieve, they can get excited about the task and bring up good ideas to complete it. The best thing is I can delegate to other very capable team members and I can work on my business instead of in it! "



"This training was great, it has helped me understand why I need to have a dashboard and how to create a dashboard. 

I have a long list of items that I need to work on and complete and have a better understanding of how to do this now.

It can help me understand if my business ion profitable and if it isn't, it'll help me work out how I can turn it around and make it profitable. 

It'll also help with creating a better cash flow and to achieve a under draft for my business to use and have as a buffer."


"How and where to begin with the whole system thing, as there's a lot of small little procedures to large procedures, checklists etc of how to do things.

Provides a sense of order and sequence, and an understanding of the "service chain" so to speak, within my business.

Also a chance to see unrealised income and opportunities for more profit, but also in providing a better service."



"This will make a huge difference to our business. I think I keep saying that every time I do a training but it will! 

Everything I have been trying to do for the past 5 years are finally starting to feel like they are coming together and are achievable."



"Everything was of great value but most important the planning. Planning be it daily, 13 weeks or 90 days will help me focus and not loose sight of the reasons why I do what I do"



"This is perfect timing because I am growing my team and the next critical step is to ensure that they are all very clear regarding my expectations and that they are all successful. 

It's essential that I have the right people on board - I've made huge investments and sacrifices to build the bus - now I need my team to work together to make the wheels turn."



"I've realized we have no real goals or specific outcomes rather that surviving, which has scared me.

I feel like I'm ready to change that.

If we have documented goals and outcomes that can be measured we can work towards them together."


How much do I need to spend

For as little as just over $13.60 per day you can invest your well earned money on a great business education. This investment will give you lifetime knowledge that will support your growth and success.

You can choose the payment option that works for you right now. 


There are 3 choices:

MaxED Individual Course Option

$429.00 Per Course

Not ready for a full program yet. Pay as you go for each course as a MaxED Member.

This is a 90 Day access for each course. You can have multiple courses access at the same time.

BSA Upfront Saver

$9,900.00 Annually

Pay the initial full 12 months now and get savings of over $2,000 on the monthly plan option.

This is the Best Value Option

BSA Monthly Instalment Plan

$997.00 Monthly

We will fund you to pay the program off each month over the initial 12 months then monthly.

 (T&Cs apply)

All prices include GST

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Who Are We and How Can We Help You?

Helping You Build the Business You Imagined

Maxmyprofit (MMP) was established by Ben Fewtrell and David Carlin to provide help and support to business owners who want to grow successful and profitable businesses.

They have worked with enough business owners to know what works and what doesn’t, and their main purpose is to provide Business Owners like yourself with the training, coaching and support you need.

Drawing on the established systems and over many decades of direct SME experience across various industries, the Business Excelerators™ at Maxmyprofit understand the major problems Business Owners like you face and provide education and guidance to help you overcome them.

Each year our impact provides millions of dollars in new revenue to our businesses, more employment and more stability, but most of all, more piece of mind to our members and their teams that their business can grow and be successful.

Our Online Training Courses are an essential part of that process. The knowledge is essential and forms the Foundations of any business as it builds and grows to success.

Each year our impact provides millions of dollars in new revenue to our businesses, more employment and more stability, but most of all, more piece of mind to our members and their teams that their business can grow and be successful.

Our Online Training Courses are an essential part of that process. The knowledge is essential and forms the Foundations of any business as it builds and grows to success.

Are you ready to kick start your business?

Frequently Asked Questions

When does each Training start and finish?

Each Training starts once you enrol in them from within a membership catalog, or when you first purchase an individual Training. You will receive periodic reminders from us to keep you moving.


How long do I have access to the Training?

On the Business Success Academy Membership you will have ongoing access to the Trainings from your initial order date until the end of your membership. On an MaxED Membership, you have 90 days access for each Training. 


Can I have access to more than one Training at a time?

You can have multiple Training access at the same time once you have completed the initial training sessions. For the best benefit however we recommend completing the training and the implementation of the tools into your business first before starting another Training.


Is there an order in which I complete the Trainings? 

On a Business Success Academy Membership you will be guided by the Business Exceleration Blueprint and the order we believe will  assist you to build and grow.

On a MaxED Membership you can choose your own order.


What learning level can I expect?*

The Training sessions and Resources are designed to be a foundation entry level. They are a very simple learning level intentionally. We have not had anyone say it was difficult. 

On the MaxED Membership, if you have extensive knowledge or experience in a Training topic we suggest you do not commence that Training without first discussing your options with us.


How long is the Training Sessions part of the Training?

Initially about 2 - 2.5 hours depending on your learning speed. The training sessions consists of a downloadable workbook to work through, and is made up of modules. There are typically 8-12 modules. Each module has a video presentation of about 10-15 minutes, followed by a short quiz and a review of what you learnt. (Please note that the Building Your Plans training is one module per day for 6 days.)


How long is the Training overall?

Plan to do the initial training sessions in one go. That way you get the overall context of the topic. From there you have the remaining time in your membership to work through the resources. Our experience is that most people implement the resources within 60-90 days. This will depend on the time and effort you commit to working ON your business.


What are the Resources?

These can be simple one page documents right through to extensive information documents, spreadsheets and even other video and audio trainings, and webinars. All are simple to use and are designed to provide you with a foundation toolkit to build your business.


Where do I do the Training?

It's completely online so you can do it at your own pace wherever you learn best.


What equipment/tools will I need to complete the Training?

You will only need a computer, laptop, or tablet and an email account. A printer will also be useful for the downloads and workbook.


When do I pay for the Training?

When you click on either of the BSA program or MaxED individual Training buttons. This will take you to the relevant order page. On the BSA if you choose the Upfront Saver, an initial payment equal to 1 month will be paid with the balance due within 7 days.  For the payment plan, your initial payment will be processed, followed by further instalments on the anniversary date every month until your membership concludes. For an individual Training a single payment will be paid to commence each Training.


Can I pay with PayPal?

No. We accept debit and credit card only.


How soon do I get access to the BSA or a Training?

Once your initial payment has been confirmed you will receive your access by email within 1-2 hours. We have some background work to complete to get you started. This commences your Business Success Academy or MaxED Membership. 


What if I don't receive my email?

It is unusual for the system not to do what it's meant to but if it doesn't please contact us. Before that please check your email spam or junk folder. Sometimes email system automatically send it there. We suggest you make us a safe sender when you find the email. 


What if I am unhappy with the BSA or a Training?

Well we don't want that to happen! Sometimes it does however so we offer a 48-hour money back guarantee. If you are unhappy with the course for any reason*, let us know and we will refund your payment within 7 days. We would appreciate notification within the first 24 hours of the course if you're not happy with the Training.

*The Training not being advanced enough is not a sufficient refund reason. We clearly state above that this is a basic entry level course. 


Do I have a personal guide or contact?

Yes. You will be assigned to one of our Business Excelerators™ to keep you on track. Their role is to respond to your reviews and other questions about the Training by email. This does not include one on one coaching. 

They are available to work directly with you by upgrading to one of our Business Exceleration™ Addons under the Business Success Academy Program.


Can I talk to other people on a Training?

Yes. You will have private access to our Facebook Online Academy Lounge along with other course participants. 


What do I do if I need help or more information?

If you have a question related to a Training or the BSA Program, email or call us on +61 2 86163999. Once you are enrolled in the BSA or a Training you will have your own dedicated Business Excelerator™ to keep you on track.

Are you ready to kick start your business?