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For all the effort to getting a prospect in front of us, it’s often amazing at how the sale finally just doesn’t happen!

Converting a sale is based on simple steps.

Learn the principles of sales…

  • Understand the value of a sales system,
  • know when to ask questions,
  • know when to listen, and
  • the importance of qualifying your prospects at every step of the sales process.

It is fascinating to observe how few businesses actually have a process of selling. This is the core part of any business success.

Without sales there is no marketing, production, delivery, budgeting, cashflow, and on.

In other words you don’t have a business.

It’s also essential to recognise that everyone in your business is responsible for sales. 

Ask yourself these questions...when I work with prospects and clients, do I have a plan to follow to ensure success?

If you have then are you measuring the outcomes to ensure success?

Does every person in your business follow the same plan?

Following a simple process will ensure you turn suspects into prospects, customers and eventually raving fans! 

That’s the real goal.

Because a Raving Fan does your marketing for you!

Have fun…this is a great time to learn all you need to get going on building your sales system. 

The goal of Keys to Converting (KTC) is to ensure you can work with your prospects as they decide if they will buy your product/service. If you have attracted them this far then it’s worth realising that you have to stop selling and let them buy…and that means ensuring they qualify for your product/service! 

The initial training provides structure and an understanding of the essentials in this topic. Then here's some of what you will get to work on once you have completed the training:

  • Learn about the importance of a sales system and how it can increase your sales
  • Learn the basics of boosting your conversion rate
  • Learn how to improve your conversion rate to get a better outcome from every sale session
  • Learn how to overcome the fear of selling
  • Learn about sales objections and how to handle them to get a positive outcome
  • Get access to the Test Adjust Measure system basics so you can start measuring your Conversion rates.
  • Learn how to blow away some of the sales myths by keeping sales simple

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What did others say after completing the Training

It was great to learn the basic of sales and how to be effective in converting sales. This could have the potential to improve our conversion rates and will certainly improve our sales process.
Michael - GoGraphics 


It has introduced me to a number of key principles for securing new business which I was not previously aware of. Winning new business is no. 1 priority for our business in order to ensure its success and longevity.
Nathan - Empire PMG


Interesting to learn that selling to a prospect follows a funnel, asking open-ended questions, getting on-going permission and then being specific with detail, if a when it fits. Also the objection/rejections was an eye-opener, very easy for me to fall in ok...bye mode. I can target prospects and be the solution giver. More conversion, better conversion. Don't have to worry about being compared to other similar businesses.

Nicholas - Body & Soul Podiatry


The training was really valuable because ti got me to refine my sales process and tighten up the questions I ask on my 30 minute discovery calls.

Andrew - The Security Artist

I got a lot of new information from that I had never thought about in the process of selling, I always thought a no meant a no but they can be used as a selling tool. It and make not only me but my colleagues better at making a sale. It has given me ideas for different ways to go about selling a product to a prospect. It will give me an opportunity to lift my conversion rates which will lead to more money for the business.

Josh - Watsons Jewellers


I realised I need a proper sales system. Very Handy. Instead of winging it every time I could have set questions etc to get the client to figure out what they want and also for me to see if they're a time waster.
Rhye - Orange Signs


Huge amount of information that I knew nothing about. Just the mentality around sales and the belief required to be better positioned to sell was really insightful. The need for a system and the things that should/could be in that system. The value will be in improving the consistency of delivery to potential customers and improving the conversion rate. It will also better enable us to qualify new leads and not lose time and money with tyre kickers.

Sam - Action Building Group

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