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Every business requires sales to be a business, yet many don’t have a dedicated process that is aimed at delivering to the business exactly what it needs.

Learn the principles of sales…Understand the different types of sales people, communication tools and the core components of a great sales system.

It is fascinating to observe how few businesses actually understand the different behaviour and communication styles that we as human beings use. 

Whilst we all act and behave differently, some things are very similar, and predictable.

By understanding these patterns we have the opportunity of getting “ahead of the curve” and influence how things may happen.

It is a language in itself. It’s not’s been around as long as we have been here.

The study of it however is relatively new.

And it’s essential if you are working with people that you understand how it works.

This will ensure you turn suspects into prospects, customers and eventually raving fans!

That’s the real goal. 

Because a Raving Fan does your marketing for you!

Have fun…this is a great time to learn all you need to get going on building your sales system.

The goal of Communication in Sales (CIS) is to ensure you recognise the value of understanding your prospects and clients, and how best to ensure they purchase your product or services. Knowing how to communicate is an essential part of this...and that means understanding how you and your prospect relate to each other.

The initial training provides structure and an understanding of the essentials in this topic.

Then here's some of what you will get to work on once you have completed the training:

  • Learn from one of the best about sales rejection and how to deal with it
  • Learn how networking is essential part of your sales process
  • Study the 4 stages of good selling techniques to ensure you maximise every sales meeting
  • Learn the importance of a sales process and how it can increase your sales
  • Learn why conversation is the basis of selling
  • Learn about behavioural types and how to communicate with each of them
  • Get access to the Test Adjust Measure system basics so you can start measuring your Conversion rates.
  • Learn about and understand the importance of the change process in sales

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What did others say after completing the Training

I learnt that there are so many different ways to improve on communication through sales. Opened up my brain on ways to communicate that I never thought about before. It will make a huge difference in the way I communicate with customers, the way I talk and listen to customers, which will make me a better sales person which means more profit for the business.

Josh - Watsons Jewellers


This training had some interesting new techniques that I can use when planning my marketing and sales processes. I think understanding the types of salespeople we have and the types of customers will aid us in furthering our client development and in hiring the right people for each position.

Daniel - Scope Cranes

I valued being able to understand and differentiate the types of people walking into the store and how to approach them. Understanding the different modalities of communication (visual, auditory and kinaesthetic) and knowing to talk the same language as your customer. Being able to understand and approach customers easier will better the business by increasing sales and increasing the numbers of returning/existing customers.

Nikita - Kennedys Showcase


Learning about myself and the way to communicate with my clients is crucial to developing a sales system. By learning these tools this will boost our sales conversions which in turn increases the dollars in our business.
Vanessa - Patons Place Jewellers

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