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Your time is your most valuable asset!  How you use it will determine your success in life and business..

It’s amazing how many people want more time or better time management. The reality is time is the most regular thing we know. It doesn’t need management.

We also cannot get more time. We all get the same allocation of time every day…but we don’t all use it the same way. That’s because we don’t all value it the same way.

What needs better management is us…or our use of the time we have available.

Very few people actually use a default diary as a guide to what they do each day. 

A default diary is a preplan of what you intend to do. 

This is then tested and measured to ensure we are being effective in using our time. Adjustments are made until we get it right.

The other big challenge for many people—especially in business - is they are doing things they should not be. Or to put it another way, doing things they could and should delegate to someone else.  

These 2 simple actions can determine the difference between achieving the goals you set or not. This is of course if you have written goals and plans in the first place.

The first plan is a time plan. So lets start planning….. 

The goal of Managing Your Time (MYT) is to ensure you understand the value of time, and how to set up your time plan to ensure you are being productive and achieving your goals.

The initial training provides structure and an understanding of the essentials in this topic.

Then here's some of what you will get to work on once you have completed the training:

  • Learn how to build a time efficiency plan to keep you on track throughout every day
  • Learn the importance of delegation and why it is essential for you to grow
  • Get access to a delegation resource to assist you in delegating to your team
  • Understand how to be more effective in your use of emails
  • Learn about the time target and where to focus your attention
  • Learn about opportunity cost
  • Learn how to take control of your time
  • Learn how prioritising your tasks of high fun and skill are all you should work on
  • Learn why being organised will save you money and make more for your business
  • Learn how your mindset affects what you do and how to change it

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What did others say after completing the Training

A deeper understanding of how important time and YOUR time is. Also the tools and techniques provided in the training will be really valuable when implemented into the business and our every day lives! I can't wait to get into sorting out our plan / default dairy each week. This will definitely provide more clarity around where and how we are spending our time in the business and show where we can make changes and delegate etc. I also feel it will be really valuable for our family life/time.

Kelly - Poolwerx


Time allocation and structure so there is a time for everything from important items to the least important. Delegate anything that you don't necessarily need to complete yourself 

Anthony - L Tak Electrical

The ability to see the importance of sticking to the structure set out by ourselves. ie time allocation and delegating tasks, not exceeding those times or micro managing those tasks. 

Ari - JFJ Jewellers


How to better manage my time to improve myself and my business 

Ash - Minespec NSW


This training has made me aware that a lot of tasks can be outsourced/ delegated. I need to trust my managements leadership more and allow them freedom to give it a go. Realising my mindset is currently at self employed level. I am excited to get this higher up the ladder. 

Daniel - RNR Refinish

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