Getting Ready

To Market

 Businesses spend $000,s on advertising and marketing, often without ever really knowing the real cost...and that’s exactly what marketing should not be!

Why are you doing what you do if it’s not what your market wants?

  • Define your uniqueness – set yourself apart from your competitors so more customers want your product.
  • Learn how to get these customers coming back, time after time.

Often businesses spend lots of time and money working for a customer base that is a result of what the business has offered in the past.

This is not however always exactly what the original target market was supposed to be. Yes there is a difference….

  • A target market is your intention.
  • A customer is the outcome.

Therefore even though you may target broadly to ‘x’ prospects, you may end up with ‘y’ customers. 


Well simply because your offer was not exactly what your target market really wanted.

And this is the target market you communicated to. But you need to be sure that’s the target market you actually want!

Excellent marketing does not leave getting clients to chance. It is a calculated and tested method that gets you the ‘right’ customer, exactly as you intended. 

Then it’s simply a matter of working with them to keep them coming back..time and again…

Have fun…this is where you really get to know your business! 

The goal of Getting Ready To Market (RTM) is for you to learn what marketing is really about, and how you can ensure every cent you spend is an investment. You’ll also learn the basics of knowing your uniqueness and how that integrates into your Marketing Plan!

The initial training provides structure and an understanding of the essentials in this topic.

Then here's some of what you will get to work on once you have completed the training: 

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  • Study the 7 steps to making sure your marketing works
  • Learn about a guarantee and why it's a competitive weapon
  • Get the Ad Critique Checklist to step you through creating effective ads
  • Use the Marketing Campaign Breakeven analysis toolkit to determine if your ads are costing you money
  • Study the 3 essential stages of an effective marketing campaign
  • Learn about repeat business strategies and why they are the easiest form of marketing
  • Get access to a Marketing Plan Template so you can build your own marketing system
  • Use a SWOT analysis toolkit to ensure you are competitive in all th right areas
  • Learn about a Unique Selling Proposition and why it can make a massive difference in your marketing

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