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Having written plans ensures you are focused and on track to achieve your goals.

Research has shown that a very small percentage of people have written plans. And interestingly that same group have most of the wealth. That’s not a coincidence.

A lesson learnt early in life was “if you want something done ask a busy person to do it!”

I didn't know it back then but what it means is that’s because they are organised and know what they are doing.

They don’t waste time on things that don’t make a difference.

They have thought out what they want to achieve and stay focused on achieving that result.

They planned it out.

So how much time should you spend planning?

Using sport as an example, teams often train for hours and days before a match. Coaches work with the team to ensure everyone knows the game plan.

Athletes spend days and weeks – and often years training and working out a plan before they get to “play the game”, and often that is over in a minute or two….and they win or lose by a milli-second!

Take all the time you need to construct your plans, and be sure to consider that you may need to change your thinking along the way. Be prepared to set goals that deliver you life success.

Please note that this course is over 6 days. Each day you will do a lesson and then an activity. The activity provides the step to the next day so please take the time to complete it. Each lesson typically will take about 1 hour each day except the actual plan day itself.

So lets start planning…..

The goal of Building Your Plans (BYP) is to ensure you understand what you are thinking and that it is helping you achieve success, and you have a written plan and diary that drives that success.

The initial training provides structure and an understanding of the essentials in this topic.

Then here's some of what you will get to work on once you have completed the training:

  • ​Keeping your Planning Simple Workbook to assist in Building Your own Plans
  • E+R=O Workbook to understand the impacts of how we think
  • Changing your Beliefs Workbook to guide you in deciding what to do next
  • How well do you know your Business Workbook to understand your current position
  • Take control of your Time Workbook to get control of your time
  • Formula for Change to assist in determining what to change
    90 Day Planner outline
  • Detailed 90 Day Planner Workbook to setup up 12 months of plans for you and your business
  • Overview of the Maxmyprofit Planning Process and how you can use it
  • Foundation Blueprint checklist to guide you on what to get done to ensure you have a solid base to build your business

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What did others say after completing the Training

Felt as though I have had a bit more clarification to why its important to have written plans. With having a written plan & following it with not too many things to complete, but complete each thing properly. I think it will make it easier for everyone.

Jeremy - JFJ Jewellers


The value i got out of this training was a further understanding of how to do the 90 day plan. it was another great reminder that you should always start with the end in mind when making goals or decisions. Finding out what tasks I can do myself or delegate. It will give not only me but my business more structure and having a direction to work towards. It has helped find a way to have a good work to life ratio.

Josh - Watsons Jewellers

It reinforces what I need to do about planning for my business & life & importance of sticking to the plan. Hopefully have me spending less time doing the things that can be done by someone else & free up my time to work on the business to grow it.

Rosie - Kennedys Showcase


The simple planning helps to provide a foundation for setting goals. Knowing the current business position assists in giving a better indication of goals setting for the future.

This will assist me to keep track of recent business position and personal placement to learn from and set up positively for goals.
Sophia - SSB Landscapes

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