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What is the key to a successful business? Do more with less...

Divide to multiply...Work once and get paid forever!

Think about writing a book. How many ties do you write it? Once. How many times can you sell it?

How do you truly implement the concept of leverage into your life and your business? Well the first step is by understanding what Leverage is and how you can use it in your business.

Even though many businesses focus on growing what they believe is a business, often all they are doing is adding problems onto problems...and eventually it all gets too hard and falls apart. That’s why 8 out of 10 businesses fail in the first 5 years.

It’s not that the owners are wrong...usually they simply don’t know what to do and spend massive effort “re-inventing the wheel! 

The 5 KPIs method is probably the most simplest method of achieving success in business. It’s not a new idea as such, just the basic logic of what every business should already know, but usually overlook. 

The other tools that businesses often don’t have are the many varied ways of leveraging their resources.

After researching 1,000s of businesses around the world, we now have access to hundreds of strategies for making your business work harder for you...and more importantly making you more money. 

All this is great...but only if you do something with it. As we say…”we can give you a fish and feed you for a day...or we can teach you to fish so you can feed yourself for a lifetime!” It’s about doing something with the information.

The key here is not what we teach however, but what you do with that knowledge. 

So over to you….Let’s start working on leveraging your business….

The goal of Leverage Your Business (LYB) is for you to learn about the principles of leverage. You’ll focus on the fastest ways to increase your business using the 5 KPIs mastery and the importance of testing & measuring...everything!

The initial training itself provides structure and an understanding of the essentials in this topic.

Then here's some of what you will get to work on once you have completed the training:

  • Learn the most powerful business formula and how you can use it to grow your business
  • Learn about the 5 stages a business progresses through as it grows
  • Access the Blueprint Foundation Checklist to keep you on track to achieving the essentials every business needs in place
  • Learn how to calculate all the essential numbers in your business and how to use them to grow
  • Learn the principles of leverage and why it's so important in your business
  • Learn where to find your key numbers and how you can change them to build profitability
  • Access 2 webinars to further assist in understanding how and what to change in your business to have an ideal structure
  • Get access to the Test Adjust Measure system so you can implement tracking in your business on the 5 essential KPIs

Click here to see the detail of a training as an example.

What did others say after completing the Training

I see that I have 5 areas that I can "improve" in order to expand my business. I used to think marketing was the only way I could start this improvement. What I see now is that if I give as much regard to having what customers need (or maybe not need - just like) then this can help. Making my store more interesting so people come back is another way. It took me a long time to understand the 5 KPIs and what they meant, but now I am feeling confident in how they work together.



Changed the way I looked at the 5 KPI's. Highlighted how small changes to these can shift the result. This makes a Huge difference. In business for profit,
and also just to know how to change the result by MEASURING the influencers and applying more effort to the right areas. 

Ben - BDJ Electrical

Explained the KPI system in better detail then i had previously viewed it. This has put focus on working on each section of the KPI's in order to give the best result for time put in.
Richard - Newcastle Waterproofing


The reinforcing thought that small minute changes in one of the KPIs can make a big change once all the figures are multiplied. This will result in more sales and more profit.
Nicholas - Body & Soul Podiatry


By applying energy to increase each of the steps in the 5 KPIs will have a multiplier effect on increasing revenue and profit. I can increase my overall revenue and profit by increasing each of the steps in the 5 KPI process.
Rob - Care Support Network

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