Managing Your


How do you make sure your business operates entirely for the purpose of providing you with a profit?

Learn the principles of Cashflow management…Get access to simple measurement tools…Begin working through your own businesses cashflow and breakeven.

Business Owners often take cash for granted, especially when there is plenty coming in. Sales are good...we can spend where we need. Wrong!

Cash is a precious resource for most businesses. Having more money than days left in the month is very unusual unless you have a cashcow business.

There are 3 main areas that can lead to understanding where your money is going and how to manage it better….a cashflow forecast, a breakeven and your cashgap.

Each of these are relatively easy to calculate and can save you the pain of finding you need more money than you have available.

Knowing what is expected based on either committed funds or by trends analysis of previous months enables us to be proactive about what is happening.

If you don’t know how much revenue is expected in the next 90 days right now then you need to work through these tools and know your numbers.

The goal of Managing Your Cashflow (MYC) is to ensure you know what is happening with that essential resource - cash! Businesses that fail typically do so because they don’t have control of their cash and end up owing more than they generate.

The initial training provides structure and an understanding of the essentials in this topic.

Then here's some of what you will get to work on once you have completed the training:

  • Various articles on how to Manage Cashflow better so you have more money at the end of the month
  • A Managing Your Cashflow Workbook
  • Video explaining the Importance of Managing your Cashflow
  • An in depth Webinar teaching you How to Manage Your Cashflow
  • A comprehensive Cashflow Forecaster Workbook to set up your cashflow for the next 90 Days
  • Learn about the key Financial Indicators and how to calculate them
  • A Breakeven simple worksheet and a detailed Breakeven Simulator
  • A comprehensive Budget Calculator
  • An explanation of knowing what your Cashgap is and how to manage it
  • A debtors Contact Schedule
  • A Financial Mastery Calculator worksheet to guide you through understanding KPIs
  • A detailed KPI and Reporting workbook containing all the key Financial Indicators

Click here to see the detail of a training as an example.

What did others say after completing the Training

The value i got out of the training is knowing your numbers and more importantly knowing your cashgap. The value of cashflow forecasting can be massive on the success of the business and the business owner. Understanding when and where money is coming in is important as it can help me make better business decisions. 

Josh - Watsons Jewellers


Huge value. I am able to ask my accountant the right questions and understand so much more of what he is explaining. We are changing us and our business - this is one of the first changes we are making - Fully understanding our Financials - this will make incredible difference
Steve - Northside Smash Repairs


Excellent course, its given me the tools to work out a more complicated cashflow if mine ever becomes more difficult. It's given me the information to be wary of the areas that become problem areas for some businesses, eg. loans/credit cards, debtors

Lisa-Marie - Lisa-Maree Horder Hairstylist 

Ive learnt to understand my numbers better and to work out my break even and and cashflow forecast. I can now have a better cashflow and not stress about how I am going to pay certain bills. I also will know what my targets are as I now know what my breakeven point is.

Craig - Arrow Traders


Managing the cash gap and running a under draft will help me significantly I will be more disciplined to achieve these things. Having more money in my account at any time to pay bills on time and to stress less where money is.
Michael - CMT Landscapes


Started this training last month and began implementing cashflow tools, such a big help! It is a massive difference particularly in decision making for any purchases or knowing how to target for more work/income. Knowing my dollar amounts is really empowering too. Keeps anxiety at bay! Which has helped me gain confidence in other areas like selling/marketing - funny how it has a ripple effect like that! I really would like to aim towards putting together an "under" draft next 90 days.

Veronica - Sydney Voice Studio

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